Celebrating 40 years of a wonderful life

I have a friend who is turning 40 this year.  I’m trying to remember how I celebrated my 40th (yes–admittedly so, I am part of the so called “over the hill gang” although I like to think that 50 is the new 40).  Did I take a trip a around the world or hike Mount Kilimanjaro?  I’m trying to remember, but for some reason I just don’t think I did either of those.  Maybe I took a hot air balloon ride or sky dived from 20,000 feet.  Hmmm, if I did either of those, I simply do not recall.  I wonder how many of you who are part of the “over the hill gang” remember what you did on your 40th or even on your 30th birthday.

I have no idea how I celebrated my 30th–but I can make a pretty good guess about the 40th.   I’m sure I went out to dinner, maybe even at a pretty nice restaurant.  I probably said something sentimental about the past 40 years and made a toast to the next 40 years.  I am sure I was given some really nice birthday cards and probably went dancing.  I actually do remember part of my 40th celebration.  My sister sent a company to decorate my front yard with a bunch of purple dinosaurs.  I think the sign in the front yard said something about Jurassic Park.  It was a cute idea and I think it is so cool that of whatever happened on that day, the one thing that I do remember are the purple dinosaurs (thanks Sis!!).

I say all this because I don’t want my friend to not remember his 40th birthday celebration.  I’m not exactly sure what I will buy him for a gift, but I do know I will decorate his front yard with a HUGE #40.  I want my friend seven years from now (if he doesn’t run a marathon, visit China or take any other monumental trip, to reflect back on his 40th and remember at least one thing about it).  I’m pretty sure he won’t forget a huge #40 balloon sculpture that sits in his front yard for a few days.

If you are celebrating your’s or a friend’s monumental birthday or anniversary, give us a call at Balloons Now at 972-400-1907 and we will deliver something they will definitely not forget.

Macky Laubert


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