Birthday Party ideas for 3 & 4 year olds

We had a customer call who was looking for some ideas for their son’s 4 year birthday party and while we are not the experts of all experts, we have seen quite a few different kid themed birthday parties in our days.  We gave our customer some ideas centralizing around balloon decorations, but later we thought that we should have been better prepared to answer such a question more thoroughly.   So we did some research on what “the experts” say about planning a party for a 3 or 4 year old.  Below is what we found and since this is not our original thoughts, the websites that we are quoting from are listed below as well.

To begin with, the planner needs to think about the time frame for the party.  Having a bunch of 3 and 4 year old’s at your house or anywhere for a long period of time, can make it seem like herding cats.  Therefore, keep the party to no longer than 90 minutes long.  This should give you plenty of time for games/activities, cake, presents and departing gifts.  If you plan the party in the mid afternoon, you need not worry about feeding lunch or dinner, just keep it to snacking foods.

I personally thought this was a great idea.  Parents with this age children usually won’t simply drop the kids off, so when the parents ask if there is anything they can do to help, the answer is “yes!”.  Have the parents help in taking pictures, serving the cake/ice cream, helping with the activity stations, or keeping track of what gift was given by which child.

Some of the activities that we found for this age group includes: Play dough, Simon Says, Freeze Dancing, Bubbles, buried treasures in a small plastic swimming pool filled with dirt, and my favorite–talk to your local firehouse to see if they give birthday tours to the kids where they are taught fire safety while climbing all over the fire truck.

Some snack ideas are: goldfish, cut up fruits and vegetables with a side of yogurt, small milk cartons/juice boxes, pretzels, individual ice cream cups, individual macaroni and cheese cups, and what kid doesn’t love cotton candy.

What we repeatedly found was the recommendation to keep it simple.  3 and 4 year old’s can sometimes get overwhelmed easily, so keeping it simple might be best for this age.

My best advice I save for last.  Call Balloons Now at 972-400-1907 or email us at info@BalloonsNow.com and we will take care of all the balloon decorations.  Nothing beats waking up to a 10 ft tall #3 in the front yard.

Good luck with your next 3 or 4 yr old birthday party and feel free to share some of your great ideas.

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