Growing up with Balloons

Growing up we had a screened-in back-porch and our house was the focal point for all the neighborhood kids.  My Dad worked OT almost every day at the tire plant so my Mom could stay home and raise the kids, and this benefited not only my immediate family but about 5-6 other families from the neighborhood.  Dad/Mom–I can’t thank you enough.  Every Summer, we had about 20 birthday parties on the back porch and we always had balloons.  I was the kid with all the hot air, so I was in charge of blowing all the balloons and it was simply FUN.  Later in life, one of my best friends introduced me to the balloon business and it is FUN.  I love seeing the expressions on my client’s faces when they see our Balloons Now creation(s).  It’s just FUN!  Give us a call at 972-400-1907 or info@BalloonsNow.com and add some FUN to your next party or event.

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