DIY Balloon Decorations

One of our repeat customers asked us the other day (in a very respectful manner-by the way), how difficult is it to create most of our work.  I think it is a fair question, especially considering that we are in the business of balloons.  I mean anyone can blow up a balloon–right?

Some of what we do is very simple.  Some of what we do is difficult at first, but like most things, once you do it a dozen times or more, you start to get pretty good at it.  And some of what we do is down right difficult unless you have the right tools.  Let me break down the three categories:

  1.  Simple-making a 3 -5-7 balloon bouquet–there’s not a lot to that.   If you have access to helium and know how to tie a balloon with string…you can pretty easily figure out how to tie the bouquet to a chair or table.  Balloons Now does include a decorative sand weight for most of our bouquets and that can be somewhat difficult, but I believe most people could figure that out.
  2. Difficult at first-Columns, Toppers, and Arches–there’s a little something to this.  First of all you need to consider if the item(s) are going to be inside or outside.  If inside, it is a whole lot easier, because you do not have to take weather in to consideration.  If inside–you can get away with frames made from PVC.  If the decorations are for outside, well that is a different story.  Balloons Now’s frames are made of at least 3/8″ Made in America steel and it is a whole lot easier to bend the steel for an Arch if you have a steel bender.  There are other ways to bend the steel, but a steel bender would be a good investment.  Then there is staking the decorations in a manner that slows Mother Nature down a bit.  Mother Nature will eventually win, but at Balloons Now we do our best to extend the fight against Mother Nature so our decorations look their best as long as possible.  Then you have to blow up and size a bunch of balloons.  Our typical 8 x 8 arch has about 150 balloons on it.  If you have an air blower, it helps tremendously.  It is not hard work, but it is time consuming.  There are some tricks to tying the balloons to the framework and the balloon color design is something that I was taught by an industry professional (which helped a bunch).
  3. Finally–Difficult–a Balloons Now Balloon Number–these can be difficult.  First of all we have to bend and weld the framework for the particular number.  Most numbers are made of at least two 8 ft steel poles and some are made from three steel poles.  As mentioned there is quite a bit of bending and welding.  They are over 10 feet tall so to work with a frame that size is not easy.   Most numbers have at least 140 balloons attached to them and to keep the color design can be tricky.  Most of the Balloon Numbers are displayed outside so we have to strategically stake them so that they last as long as possible.

Overall-it’s not rocket science–but our Balloon Now customers are not just getting our decorations, but they are receiving what I believe is the Best in Industry Customer Service.  I have always said that Balloons Now is a Customer Service company that specializes in Balloon Party Decor.   So if you see some of our decorations that you like, give us a call at Balloons Now at 972-400-1907 or email us at info@BalloonsNow.com and experience the Balloons Now difference.

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